Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Life is too weird

When I got on the bus this morning to go to my interview at Wheatsville, I was thinking about what to post for my VeganMoFo update today. The first thing that popped into my head was "life is too short". Then I considered this statement for a moment, contemplating why I would think life is too short. The first thing that came to mind was seeing a shooting. Someone with a gun, shooting someone, maybe a murder, whatever. Just a shooting. The second thing I thought of was an accident. Another bike accident, I thought. I contemplated these two things for a while. Just those two things. I decided that it wasn't really a good topic to discuss, and dismissed it, trying to think up something better.

Fast forward to the next bus, the one taking me downtown. It was right on time, as the 1L/1M usually is. Nothing interesting going on there. Then we pull up to the stop light at 12th & Lavaca, right beside the capitol. The bus driver calls out "Looks like somethin's goin' on over here. Someones got a gun." Immediately, the entire bus jumped to their collective feet, and rushed to the windows to peek out at the street and see what kind of action they could catch. I stayed seated, looking out the window...a shooting. We were rerouted to another street, and the bus went along it's route. I was thoroughly freaked.

My interview went really well, despite the shakeup. I managed to get a lot of laughs, and let my quircky/friendly/smart self shine through. I left very upbeat, and positive about getting a call back. I did some quick grocery shopping afterwards (had to get some Silk Pumpkin Spice with my nifty coupon), and then headed to my current work place to pick up my bike I had left last night.

After retrieving my bike, I headed back to the capitol where I would catch my bus back home. I don't enjoy riding the bus, so I avaoid as many transfers as possible. If this means a 15 minute bike ride down trafficked streets, then that's what I will do. I headed out on my route, expecting the usual. I was wearing some nice jean pants for my interview that have wide legs. They kept catching on my bike lock and it was very irritating, especially going uphill. I slowed down a little to roll up my pant leg as I was coming to a stop light. I figured I could do it quick enough and still make the green light. The light began to turn, and I realized I wasn't going to make it. I began to break, then lost my balance and flew head first over my handle bars. I hit the ground with a thud heard round the block. Thankfully, my hands and arms caught the fall, and I wasn't hurt, just a little shaken. It was kind of funny afterwards, because I fell right in front of Which Wich at lunch hour, so when I looked over everyone and their uncle was staring out the window at me. I just glared back and rode off. I was pretty freaked out at that point...a bike accident.

So, that brings up to the subject of this post. Life is too weird. It was pretty weird that the only two big thoughts I had that morning were predictions of what would happen later that day. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. Once I finally got home, all in one piece, I decided I would lay low for the rest of the day. I don't need anymore freaky things that I think to come true.

I don't know what life is too weird to do, but life surely is too short to...

eat bad food
consume energy bars for meal replacements
feel guilty about eating all 5 cookies
deprive yourself of your favorites
continue consuming animal flesh (I had to throw that in there)
not learn how to prepare a delicious feast
never bake a batch of homemade cookies/cake/cupcakes

What is something food related you would not want to have missed out on in your life?


Vegan_Noodle said...

Some days are definitely weird like that. I think we all have a sort of sixth sense every once in awhile. You just have to be in tune with it. Glad you weren't injured!

One thing I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on.... licking the bowl from a batch of cookies (and ha ha, you can't do that with non-vegan cookies, or at least shouldn't). Oh, and the smell of freshly baked bread, love that!

aTxVegn said...

I guess if I had premonitions like you did, I would have freaked out too. But I was sitting here in my downtown office as I am now and got breaking news - a shooter on a rooftop downtown. I didn't even get out of my chair. I told a couple of people about it and all they said was "oh yeh?" On the other hand, even after working downtown for 15 years, every day when I cross Congress I say to myself "I can't believe I've never been run over."

I really hope you get the job at Wheatsville. And please be careful on your bike!

Fortunately I love preparing food more than eating it, so I cherish every moment spent with family and friends creating a great meal.