Saturday, November 03, 2007

Are you down with VeganMoFo?

What to do when the PPK is down, and your busy day has finally come to a screaching halt? Post on your blog like you've been meaning to do, of course! And what better time to do it than when you're 3 days late for hopping on the VeganMoFo bandwagon. Here's the digs: VeganMoFo got it's start on the PPK, and all of the vegan bloggers who wish to join in on the fun will be posting once a day about food. Vegan food, of course. Similar to the likes of NaNoWriMo, but instead of writing for a novel each day, we are just showcasing our obsession with food. How exciting! Not only will this help keep me on track to blogging, and trying new things, but I will also get to read a new daily post by my fellow bloggers! And now, a pumpkin picking his nose...
Ok, so let's talk about home cookin', y'all. It's something I love to do, and I do it often. Although lately I haven't been doing it as much. Finally living in Austin and being around so much great food will do that to you. But, now I'm trying to save up some money, and save on my figure, so I think the food outings will be happening less frequently. Not to worry, for there will be plenty of things cooking in my kitchen (see the new 250+ recipe Veganomicon that just hit the bookstore shelves. You will never want to leave the stove). Here are a few things I've whipped up recently:

I call this a green potato. Just brocolli cheeze sauce on top of a baked potato (rolled in olive oil and ginger sea salt from Paris), with a dollop of homemade vegan sour cream. So simple, but tasty, no? Oui!

Next up, Curry Pumpkin Soup. Yummm! After carving our Halloween pumpkin (above), we hacked off a portion of the back so I could cook it up. I roasted it, then cubed it. I suateed some yellow onion, garlic and curry powder, then put in the pumpkin, and stirred it around for a couple minutes. Then I poured in some lite coconut milk and vegetable broth and let it simmer for a while. Once all of the flavors seemed to be nice and combined, I pureed it forver and got this beautiful thick soup. Garnished with ginger roasted pumpkin seeds and a sprinkle of curry powder, this soup will keep you going all day. Perfect for a light, yet heardy meal, or as a spiced up side. And what a way to use that part of the pumpkin that would have been wasted.

Ending on a sweet note, here we have a tester cookie. This is the Chocolate Peanut Butter No bakes. We were jonesing for some late night sweet snacks before settling in with a scary movie, so we wipped these up in no time. We used half the sugar (cause I'm weird like that) but they came out just sweet enough. We think they would be really great with graham cracker crumbs instead of oats.

Bonus shot. Me and my ladylove pre Halloween partying. Can you guess who we are? I'll give you a hint- yo Adrienne! It would have done more if I had the boxing gloves around my neck for the picture. The official name of our costume: Rocky Balboa and Adrienne on their first date (sans ice skates, of course).


Emmie said...

I'm totally joining veganmofo.. later today!

yomomma said...

I love the halloween costume..and all the food looks so yummy! Wish I was there..Miss you.