Thursday, February 07, 2008

The good, the bad, and the sad

As those of you who are regular readers of this blog (mom), you know well enough that there could be anywhere from 2 days, to 2 months between posts. I always have good intentions of posting on a regular basis, and even go so far as to take pictures of my food, download them onto the computer, and even begin the post and save it to finish later. Then things happen, I forget or get distracted, or I just can't think of anything to say and get self-concious and never post. This is something I set my sights on to resolve this year. I started off pretty good, and then the inevitable happened. My camera broke, and my laptop usb connection went caput all at the same time. At first I was fairly disappointed, and even teared up a little bit. My poor, devoted camera. What would I do without it? Then some other things happened in my life that called for my attention. Another, and equally as important, resolution I made to myself this year was to put more focus into important things in my life that need attention. So, instead of killing myself by attempting to juggle all of these things and inevitably droping one of them, I decided to pick and choose. Sadly, blogging came out at the bottom. It was becoming a little too tedious for me to handle, and it's supposed to be fun, aint it? I've also discovered that, due to health reasons, my diet needs a bit of tweaking. I have a feeling that the next month or two will consist of things like rice, veggies, and tofu. Nothing all that picture worthy. We are going to NYC tomorrow for Candy's birthday, so we will be taking pictures with her camera, and if I can get to a computer somewhere and download the pictures somehow, I will put them up. But, after that, I will be pretty sparse. So, there you have it. I hate leaving you all, just when I was getting somewhat of a comitted reader base. I have enjoyed getting to know you all, and really appreciate all of your wonderful comments. I'll still probably hang around everyones blogs, just because food porn is my guilty pleasure. Keep cooking and eating and I'll see you around!