Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Awesome Awestin

My trip to Austin was alot of fun. I have so many pictures to share. I ate so much food, I thought I would gain 15 lbs. Thankfully, Austin is such a ped friendly city that I had no problem biking or walking everywhere. Unfortunately, I think I had a bit of an overload, and I've been fighting off a headache for the last two days. It has finally begun to subside, so I can post some of my fun times.

When I got in Friday, I wasn't in the mood for much after being on a bus for 3 hours. We went to Veggie Heaven and had some yummy fried food. Then we went to an improv comedy show at ColdTowne. Lots of laughs, and then we got home and crashed. When we woke up Saturday morning, we biked to the farmers market and picked up some fresh produce for the potluck we were going to that night. It was a macrobiotic potluck, held by a student at the Natural Epicurean school that I am considering attending next year. I don't know much about macrobiotic diets, and decided to just make something really simple.

the green bean and corn salad from Vegetarian Times

and a blackberry-peach pie, sweetened with agave

And a money shot of the spread. We had a great time, and met a lot of new people. We ended up hanging out with a few Sunday night to see the Roller Derby, and saw a couple others around town later in the week.

My friend I was staying with works like a "normal" person (8-5, M-F) so I was left to myself most of the day. I mainly rode around town, did some shopping, and ate ate ate!
Here are some random meals from the week.

Falafel waffle from DaVine Foods, a little bus with a kitchen parked in an empty lot, surrounded by green. Super awesome, with a side of kick ass hummus and raw carrots. Totally worth the 2 mile bike ride. I also had it with a side of Chocolate Mock Shake. Tasted just like a chocolate shake you would enjoy in a diner, just much much better.

Since Mother's burned down, and they may not be rebuilt for a while, I had to find some kind of substitute. That would be Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse. They serve all kinds of yummy meals, mostly vegetarian, and all vegan friendly. Breakfast is served all day, but when I went for lunch, I enjoyed this light broccoli and tofu salad with ginger miso dressing and a side of their delicious vegan corn bread, which I tried first with the vegan soul food plate (beans, greens, and corn bread). Mmmm, cornbread

I have a lot more, but it will have to wait for Awesome Awestin part 2.


Vegan_Noodle said...

Looks like a fun trip with good grub! I need to get back up to Austin sometime soon, I forget how much more vegan-friendly it is than Houston. Looks like a neat school you are thinking about attending. Hope it works out!

Vegan*asm said...

Going from Houston to Austin is like travelling to outerspace. Everything is so much different, and I love it.