Friday, July 13, 2007

Awesome Awestin, the end (finally)

Now the rest of my trip, in random food order...

Light lunch at Koriente. Complimentary miso soup, salad, and pickles if you eat in.

I enjoyed the Garden Handroll. Sliced avocado, bell peppers, radish, carrots, cucumber, caggage with dried seaweed wraps on the side to roll it all up in. The owner generously gave me a sample of hummus to go with it because she felt it was the best way to enjoy it.

James enjoyed the Japchei- sweet potato noodles with an assortment of veggies. His was made extra spicy.

We had a fun filled First Thursday. Dinner at El Sol y La Luna, I had the veggie fajitas with rice and beans.We enjoyed strolling through the various vendors set up on the sidewalk, and browsing through the stores that were staying open late that night. Lots of great stuff to look at, and I even got to enjoy 10 minutes of shiatsu.

Relaxed, full, and tipsy off margaritas, we went down the street to the 7 eleven, which was promoting the new Simpsons movie. For a couple of geeks who grew up on the Simpsons, we are super excited about the prospects of a full blown, action packed movie. We had to see the Squishee machine put in to action.

I wouldn't call it food, but we had to get one.

Don't worry, we didn't eat it.

I stayed a little longer than I had planned because some friends decided to come in for the weekend, since our camping trip got cancelled due to rain. I decided to go all out and get some really grubby stuff. We enjoyed veggie dogs at Dog Alighty, which has tons of vegan options, and a make your own menu. I decided on the vegan Beer Wurst- tofurkey brat, saurkraut, sauteed onions, mustard, and celery seed on a whole wheat bun. So. Freakin. Goood. We shared a small bowl of vegan chili and some french fries.

Somehow, we had enough room in our bellies for some more Dhaba Joy treats.
Humongous oatmeal creme pie, and a mini mint cookies 'n' creme cupcake

The oatmeal creme pie was so tooth shatteringly sweet, I could hardly take more than a bite. I would love to recreate this, but maybe a slightly less oily/sugary, more healthy version. Any one have any ideas?

Ending on a sweet note. If you're ever in Texas and get a chance to visit Austin, you won't be disappointed. I swear I did more than eat, but that's just how I spent the majority of my time. It's so easy to eat well because vegan options abound, and you won't have any trouble finding them. It is such a green friendly city, still ingrained with southern hospitality. Come on back now, ya hear?

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