Friday, July 13, 2007

Awesome Awestin, part 2

Since I was in Austin for the 4th of July, we were planning to hang out with the Vegans Rock Austin group at a BBQ potluck. Unfortunately, it rained all day long, so the event was cancelled. Fortunately, James and I found a great farmers market to go to that morning, and got some yummy produce to make a special festive meal.
We picked up one of the interesting looking black futsu squash, some savoy, pretty purple tomatoes, and some small yellow cucumbers. We were in the mood for indian food, which isn't a traditional meal for the 4th from an American standpoint, but we don't tend to be very patriotic.
James decided to make his famous vegan kale paneer, which I have been wanting to try since he made it up. It wasn't as creamy as I am used to saag paneer being, but the flavor was spot on.

And, in the spirit of all things summery, we decided on an indian inpspired burger, made with the squash, red lentils, and many other things I cannot remember. We topped them with the tomatoes, savoy, and a bit of chutney on a sprouted bun, served with sliced cucumbers, the paneer, and leftover green bean corn salad from the potluk. It made for a perfect festive meal.

Another fun thing I was able to do was get together with a friend who recently moved to Austin from Houston. We went to Dhaba Joy for lunch and yummy dessert. Dhaba Joy is known mainly for it's delicious Oatscreme, which is a soft serve style vegan ice cream, made from oats with no added sweetener. They also have a huge variety of yummy vegan baked treats, an expanding drink menu with selections from various coffee drinks, to more seasonal things such as lavender limeade. Most recently they have added a menu of vegan sandwiches, and salads.

I decided on the delicious Tempeh Reuben. Marinated sliced tempeh, topped with saurkraut, purple onion, and FYH mozzarella, on whole wheat bread (they were out of rye), with a side of rice chips. So, so good, and satisfied my craving for an awesome sandwhich. It was also the first time that I tried FYH cheese, and it wasn't too bad.

For dessert, oatscreme was a must. I got the vanilla and chocolate swirl, topped with dogoba chocolate syrup. This was suprisingly like the soft serve ice cream I remember getting from those various self serve machines. I couldn't believe that it had absolutely no added sugar (other than the syrup on top). Get ye to the place and have a cup!

Josh got this cute strawberry shortcake cupcake. Be forwarned, plastic animals may try to attack and steal it's deliciousness if you don't gobble it up quickly! If you go here, be sure to visit Toy Joy next door, a great little toy store filled with all the fun toys you could imagine.

That's enough fun for now. I had such a great time, I guess I will have to have a part 2, extended version.

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