Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Finally here, and happy 1 year

We're finally in Austin. We spent 10 hours packing on Saturday, and got in to town at midnight. I woke up Sunday morning at 6am, went to work, got off at 4, then spent the rest of the night unloading. I worked again Monday morning, and then came home and unpacked. I am covered in bruises and my muscles are aching..but we're here! Today and tomorrow are my days off. I am spending the day resting and rejuvinating. Tomorrow we get to go grocery shopping! It is really exciting to be able to fill a completely empty fridge. Even though my girlfriend and I don't have our days off together, we will have half days to spend together. Hopefully after a week or two of getting settled in we will get to explore the town and find some neat things to do. Right now I'm looking forward to getting unpacked, and start decorating.

On another exciting note, I discovered that yesterday was my 1 year blogaversary! That is pretty exciting, considering I thought I wouldn't stick with it longer than a week (I have a tendancy for those things). But, I suprised myself and now I feel like an official blogger. I do real blogger things, like spend time plating my food nicely and taking pictures even when we're hungry, have a list of over 100 bloggers in my bookmarks that I look at almost daily, spend about 70% of my day thinking about food I want to make, and draft blog entries in my head while I should be thinking about other things- just to name a few. So, thanks everyone who takes time to read my little blog. I hope to have more years of blogging ahead of me, it's been fun. I know this post was pretty boring, but I assure you that once I get settled in, I will have plenty to post about and share with you all!


Vegan_Noodle said...

Yay for your bloggiversary! I laughed reading your description of what makes you a blogger, I do all of those things too :-)
Have fun getting settled into the new place!

Vegan*asm said...

Heheh, I was hopping I wasn't the only one who spends 60% of my time thinking about food.

yomomma said...

guess who? I really want to see some pictures of your house. Miss You!

urban vegan said...

Happy b-versary! And happy unpacking.