Monday, September 24, 2007

Kid food, and Cinammmmon rolls

Living with kids is fun, because we get to eat alot of yummy, yet gross, kid food. Case in point: chili dogs! We used Smart dogs, on Rudi's Organic buns, topped with Wheatsville's Tempeh chili, and FYH cheddar. I enjoyed mine with mustard and ketchup. Sweet potato fries on the side.

Stevie, the kid in question, enjoyed a few bites. Here is he taking the first one.
Amazed how similar they taste to "regular" hot dogs.

And for the sweet tooth in all of us, we had root beer floats for dessert. So Delicious vanilla, and organic root beer.

Speaking of sweet tooth, with all the talk of cinnamon rolls on the PPK, I decided I had to try my hand at them. At one time, I used to be shamelessly addicted to Cinnabons. Thankfully, that point in my life is behind me, although I have to admit I do miss the sweet, doughy, fatty ball of goodness melting in my mouth. Or, at least I DID. For, now I have found the perfect recreation of perfection in vegan cinnabons. MMmmm, the goodness. Can you believe we wiped out a pan of 12 in ONE day? That's what happens with hungry kids running around, and a visiting mom, and two really big sweet teeth. At least I snuck in some flax seed and applesauce. These will be a Sunday morning favorite.


jess (of Get Sconed!) said...


cinnamon rolls!

Vegan*asm said...

I know, right? The best sugar coma inducing breakfast of champions!

Vegan_Noodle said...

I've got to make me some of those!

urban vegan said...

May I please have a cinnamon bun? Please? Prety please with agave nectar on it?

aTxVegn said...

Those look so great - I've got to check out that recipe right away!

yomomma said...

I forgot to tell you how great the cinammmon rolls were...That was my breakfast monday at work, after a very full sunday in the hill country.