Monday, September 10, 2007

Takeout time

Since we are still in the process of unpacking and I have been working my butt off cooking people breakfast and cleaning their rooms, I haven't been doing much cooking at home. But, we have been eating. Our first homemade meal was something we called slosh- a bunch of yellow split peas with herbs thrown into a crockpot and cooked too long. Tasty, but not very picture worthy.

Saturday night, Candy and I decided to have a date night. The Paramount Theater was playing Gone With the Wind. We decided to have dinner at Thai Passion across the street beforehand. We shared an order of spring rolls, and a yellow curry dish. Both were pretty good. The curry dish was full of yummy veggies like eggplant, zucchini, and bell peppers, plus some really nice tofu. It was pretty spicy, but the iced thia tea helped mellow it out. We lingered over dinner so long that we ended up being late to the movie. All fine by me, since it's a 4 hour movie. The theater was beautiful, though. They really helped capture it's established history through the architecture. It was a perfect way to spend our 1 month anniversary :)

Sunday night we decided to stay in and chill. We ordered pizza to go at Mellow Mushroom. Ours was a veggie with no cheese, which had spinach, sundried tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, and artichoke hearts. We grabbed some FYH Mozz, and cream sodas from Wheatsville. Holy soy, why have I never tried FYH before now?! I tasted it right out of the package, and it tasted like string cheese (which I used to love). But on the pizza, it was divine. I think I may feel an addiction coming on..

We enjoyed it with a salad on the side, which had veggies from Wheatsville, and the BEST dressing ever- Cashew Tamari Garlic. Another major addiction.

For dessert, we had a love cake that I picked up for Candy at Dhaba Joy after work. Aww, how sweet. So cute, and chocolatey. It had a little bit of cream filling, and was kind of similar to a Hostess.

We have not been having much luck with our transportation lately. We thought it would be simple enough to get around using the bus. But, if we want to go anywhere in downtown, or the north side, it takes at least 45 minutes one-way. When you are on a time limit (like when I'm going to work), this can be a major pain. Also, there are times when you miss the bus (like when I'm going to work..) and you have to pay to take a taxi. I'm hoping to sell my car in Houston soon so that I can get myself a scooter!

Bonus shot: the biggest strawberry I have ever seen. It became part of the fruit plate for breakfast at work.


Vegan_Noodle said...

Yep, FYH is where it's at. Makes me want to go buy some now.... Looks like you are settling in nicely and enjoying all the benefits of Austin!

Hope you solve your transportation issue soon! I lived in Austin briefly and remember thinking that the traffic there was worse than in Houston!

Vegan*asm said...

I wish I would have known earlier. I hadn't tried vegan cheese since going vegan, mainly due to the expense. But, now I will just have to budget it in.

I've heard that about the traffic alot. Since I don't drive, and hardly go on the highway, I don't notice it. I couldn't imagine anything being worse than Houston..other than NYC of course. Heh.

SimmerBright said...

Welcome to Austin! You can also get a vegan chili dog at Dog Almighty. I loooooove the cashew tamari dressing and Wheatsville in general. Have you checked out There is also Casa de Luz, which I haven't actually tried but I believe it is all vegan, Mr. Natural, which is REALLY good vegan and vegetarian TexMex/cafeteria style comfort food, and a few places in town that offer vegan cheese on their pizza. Warning though--Austin's Pizza's soy cheese isn't vegan, although I am considering an e-mail campaign to get them to switch. I don't know about The Parlor, but they say it's vegan from what I hear. Love your site!

SimmerBright said...

There are a lot more restaurants where you can get vegan stuff, but I don't know any off the top of my head because I don't go out to eat that much. The website I mentioned earlier has a lot of info/discussion on restaurants here though.

Almost Vegetarian said...

Austin is a great place to be vegan - lots of good foods and I remember a really nice market. Welcome home.


yomomma said...

Love reading everything and seeing pictures. Miss you but am glad you
are happy and doing well.