Friday, August 17, 2007

I eat food

After a long night out, I came home and decided I wanted some biscuits. Good ol' fashioned country style biscuits. Perfectly round, lightly toasted, and oh so flaky. Pure biscuit perfection.
Gravy for the southerner in me. Peanut butter and jelly for the kid and the sweet tooth in me.


One topped with popcorn tofu (the best ever stuff from Wheatsville in Austin. It will drive you mad), and cashew-tamari dressing (the second best ever stuff from Wheatsville. You will sing).

I also tried Mochi for the first time. Watching it puff up in the oven is the coolest part. Try this when you are still half sleeping in the morning before a cup of coffee and you will pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming. I had my cinnamon raisin flavor with flax oil, mashed bananas, and cinnamon agave.

Another quick trip to Austin proved very beneficial. I was offered In the end, I had to turn down the one I felt would not be beneficial, which ended up being the one I thought I wanted the most. But, the job I did take has it's advantages. I will be a breakfast cook/housekeeper in a nice B&B right near campus (a cool, funky part of town). It not only pays more, but I will have some free reign to do my own thing. I am hoping to bring some new ideas in and maybe start offering some vegan selections.

My girlfried also got a job with Texas Campaign for the Environment. She will be a professional hippy! She gets to canavs neighborhoods and badger people to sign petitions, write letters to congress, and donate money to support efforts towards building a better environement.

And the most exciting part.. we got the house!! After some uncertainty, we finally settled it all. We are going back one more time next weekend to sign the lease, and I will also be doing two days of training for my job. And then we won't go back until the next weekend, when we finally get to move in! I can't wait.


Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Wow! Yummy looking stuff!!

And how exciting things are shaping up to be for you!

Not sure if I've actually posted here before, even if I've been reading all along... at any rate, I like your blog. Good job.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Congrats on the new job and leasing the house!! Your biscuits look awesome. Must get me some of that popcorn tofu...