Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years What?

Another year has come and gone, and with that also came another birthday and lots of good times. My birthday is New Years Eve, so that ensures that I will always have a party, whether I want to or not. I started early this year and got treated to a great lunch on Friday at my favorite restaurant in Houston- Tafia. I like to go to this restaurant whenever I can because everything about it is amazing. The owner, Monica Pope, has such a great vision and is helping to make fundamental change to Houston. Her motto is to "eat where your food lives", so everything in her restaurant (from the water, to the food, to the wine, and even the furniture) comes from Texas. Each time we go it is a totally new and wonderful experience. Sadly, I was so excited by my 3 course prix fixe that I forgot to take pictures.
New Years Eve I had my birthday lunch at Freebirds and saw Dreamgirls. In between all of that, I went to Barnes and Noble and spent my giftcard. I am now the proud owner of Nellie McKay's new CD- Pretty Little Head, as well as Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. I'm ready for some cupcake bakin'! Later that night we headed to Galveston for a drag show. It was a drag.Making some mo' ney
Hanging out with our good friend Liza
Blurry pictures mean we had more fun

Then we went back to my place and dug in to the Red Velvet cake(from the new issue of VegNews) Candy made me. My favorite part was the hot pink frosting.

Since we didn't have candles, we marked it with a "K" instead.
Dig in!

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