Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The cold weather is sticking around this week, so I needed to make something warming and nourishing. With some inspiration from 28 Cooks, I whiped up some of this Warming Ginger Noodle Soup

I added my own touch to it with some broccoli florets (I still had some left over, even after that big batch of soup), and used thicker rice noodles. The broth has a red tint because I made my own and added grated beet. It gave it a really earthy flavor. I had leftovers tonight and added some miso paste, which gave it an extra kick. Definately a workout to eat with chopsticks. I recommend a big soup spoon if you want to dig right in.

I have kept myself confined to my house the last few days, not wanting to retreat from my warm blanket. But, today I went on a journey, with food in mind. Inspired by a new recipe from Vegetarian Times, I decided to use my leftover beet greens to make Guadalajaran Swiss Chard Quesadillas.

I prepared the beet greens following the recipe for swiss chard, but was missing the Montery Jack called for to complete the quesadilla. I went on a search at my local health food stores, knowing that FYH makes a Montery style cheese. I thought I had seen one of them carry a type of FYH before. Sadly, I was wrong and all they had was the American style Rice Cheese (blech). So, back home I went. I was determined to make the quesadillas, so I subbed the cheese for my favorite tahini-mustard sauce that I love on greens, only made it thicker and stickier. It worked pretty well, and made for a beautiful quesadilla.

I think beautiful vegan cupcakes are in my future....

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