Thursday, December 06, 2007

Things I love..

Sunday Potlucks

I look forward to these all week long. We always have such a good time, and meet really cool people. I see it as an opportunity to to do what I love best: cook good food and feed good people.
Last week was Curry themed. Instead of making an actual Curry, we brought food with curry, the spice. I made Aloo Parathas, using Lolo's tutorial. They turned out sooo good, and were really simple. Candy made a special treat- Curry Truffles! Since her specialty has become mini sweet things, we put a spin on an old classic. Made using the ganache recipe in VCTOTW, but subbing coconut milk, and adding a tsp of curry powder, then rolled in curry and cocoa. They were a labor of love, and soo amazing! (Sorry, no picture :( They were completely devoured)

My plate, with a bunch of different curries, a green salad, a butternut squash salad with a tofu based dressing, my parathas, some chutney, and some other stuff I dont remember. So full..


Sometimes, life needs to be simple. Step back and focus on the important things. Don't let everything get in your way and inhibit you from living a happy life. Sometimes, simplicity means just not fussing about being exact, or avoiding adding too much. Whether in terms of life, or in food, simplicity is key.

Hot, simple, and full of goodness. I used leftover brown rice, almond milk, a dab of EB, and mixed in some leftover cranberry-cherry chutney.

Fresh out of the oven Cran-Ban-Thankyou-man bread. Inspired by Eat'n Veg'n, I wanted gluten free, but didn't have everything i needed. It turned out really great, and simple to make. It only lasted 1/2 day.

Good choices

Sometimes, it's hard for me to make a decision. I ponder, and worry over every detail, practically paralyzing myself to decided. Even when I know one option would be better for me, it is hard to let go of the other options. In this case, it didn't take long to make a decision, because I knew hands down it would be the best. I quit my job. Not the one I just got at Wheatsville. I love it too much. But the other one. I was working 12 hour days, exhausting myself. I wasn't able to do much else but work, and I realized it just wasn't worth it. Besides, I didn't come to Austin to work work work. I realize I will be a little short on money until I become full time at WV. But, that is where simplicity comes in. With the holidays coming up, I have decided that all of the gifts I give will be handmade, which really reduces alot of spending. We are trying not to eat out, but instead freezing meals for later. My grocery bills are also considerably less now that most of my food comes from the free box at work. So, yay for good choices, and making the right decisions for yourself. I feel so relieved.

Those are just a few of my loves. I could go on and on, but I'm sick of typing. I will type one more thing, though. Think about the things you love in your life, and let everyone know. It's kind of like Isa's 1/2 week with no hate, spread it around.

Also, does anyone have any ideas for fancy hor dourves?


Amanda said...

I got an account just so I could post comments on your blog.. feel special! I'm really glad you have a job you absolutely love, It's a great feeling.

Vegan*asm said...

Yay! I was wondering if you read. I do feel special. Post more!