Sunday, October 14, 2007

Vegan eatin' for the environmental soul

Okay, so this is the post that's supposed to be about environmentalism. In some way, I am supposed to showcase environmentalism through my blog.

Well, first of all, I believe that every post I make is, essentially, environmentally related. By living a vegan lifestyle, shopping organically (mostly), and preparing fresh and whole foods in my home kitchen, I am lessening my footprint on the planet. As vegans, we consume less, and waste less compared to the average American diet. I could pull up the statistics, but I am too lazy, and I'm sure it would be redundant to you all by now. So, I decide to show you through my food, my form of activism, because I believe that says enough.

I wanted to showcase something special for this particular post. There is a very special restaurant in Austin called Casa de Luz. They focus on wellness, wholeness, and macrobiotic principles. This is incorperated into every facet of the many things they provide. Other than a wholesome breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, they offer massage, yoga, and many other forms of therapy as well as cooking classes. I always enjoy my meal here, because the people are kind and the atmosphere is relaxing. There is communal seating, as well as a couple of single tables. They have a salad/soup serving station that you can help yourself to, and then they bring out your plate of food, which is perfectly cooked in their open kitchen. If you are still hungry, you can get second helpings for free, and even take them home with you. What you don't eat is composted. What I love about Casa, aside from almost everything being organic, and the food being delicious, and feeling sooo good after my meal, is that I know they actually care.

We decided to go on this particular night because they were having a Persian Feast. The menu included: Spiced Butternut Squash Soup, salad with mint-lime dressing, Tempeh with walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds, steamed seasonal squash, blanched greens, brown basmati rice with mint and pistachio, and mint pickled carrots. It was all delicious, and so satisfying. We also shared pecan pie and a fruit parfait for dessert. They were both so light and not too sweet but very very satisfying. I forgot to take a picture, but I'm sure you can guess what a pie and parfait look like. I also learned that you can volunteer for the lunch or dinner shift, which are about 3 hours long, and get a free meal afterward. I'm going to try it out soon, and it may become a weekly thing.

So, in short, shop local, cook at home, reduce waste, and go vegan, people! Oh, and a bonus shot of my lunch, because I have been doing more talking and not enough showing in this post. PB&J on homemade bread with natural jam and organic peanut butter, steamed brussel sprouts, and organic edamame, organic applesauce. All packaged nicely in my wonderful Laptop Lunchbox <3


Vegan_Noodle said...

I agree completely. Being a vegan is the one of the most (positive)significant impacts one can have on the environment.
Casa de Luz sounds delicious!! I think we may head up to Austin for the veggie chile festival...and we need a place to eat on Sat. night. Any other suggestions? Word is that mother's cafe opens up soon?

Vegan*asm said...

Yay, maybe I'll see you at the Chilie Festival! do you guys have a place to stay? Mother's should be open on the 22nd. Other than that, Bouldin Creek is my first pick. Also Mr. Natural (watch out for honey!) and Kerby Lane is nice.