Thursday, October 04, 2007

Here comes fall

I love pumpkin. And fried foods. And italian food. And I always try to get my greens. So, I made dinner one night that incorperated all of it. It was the end of a season goodbye/beginning of a new season hello dinner. I picked up some okra, plum tomatoes, and basil from the farmers market. I breaded and pan fried the okra, roasted the tomatoes and added garlic and basil to make bruscetta, and then made Celine's pumpkin risotto (subbing orzo for arborio rice). It all turned out well, and it was a nice way to pass the seasons. I just wish my camera didn't pick up so much red.

There was also a breatfeeding challenge at the market that Saturday. They were trying to get together as many people as possible at the same time to breastfeed. I don't know how many there ended up being, but it was alot, and so exciting to witness. Breastmilk is the best food for a healthy growing baby. The sign says Babies were born to be breastfed. I couldn't agree more. Kudos to all the mama's out there giving life to their little offspring.

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