Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bowled over

Another trip to the farmers markets this weekend produced some good finds. We got there a little later than expected and most of the vendors were beginning to pack up their goods, but that always means nice sales. So, I picked up some greens 4 for $1. Two bunches of kale and 2 bunches of some other green I have never used will hold me over for the week. At the Midtown market Houston Food Bank had a table to distrubute literature on voluteer opportunities as well as a new event coming up called Empty Bowls 2007.
People from all over have donated bowls on behalf of Houston Food Banks effort to help feed the hungry. With a $25 donation, you receive one of the bowls filled with soup when you attend the event. I was very disappointed that I would be out of town the weekend of the event (in San Antonio to see R.E.N.T!) so the volunteer at the table allowed me to make my donation in advance and I got to take one of the bowls home with me

I didn't have many to chose from but this was my favorite. Isn't it gorgeous?

We also got to see some beautiful baby goats at the Bayou City Market. The local goat farm which they came from was trying to get fosters and donations to help take care of them. Although they sold products such as soap made from the milk of the goats, they seemed to take very good care of them. Regardless, I couldn't bring myself to give them money, since I do not agree with using, producing, or selling items that come from animals. I thought the kids were mighty cute anyway. This one was bundled up nice and cozy in a lawn chair, allowing everyone to pet him

No food for this post. I had a great meal for Valentines Day that my friend made for us, but it was so good that I didn't take the time to take pictures. The three course meal included Tomato-Artichoke soup from Artfully Vegan. The recipe was one that the author used to make when he worked for Mother's Cafe in Austin, Tx- one of my favorite places to eat when I am there. He also made a vegan Leek Quiche from this months Vegetarian Times, it was nice and savory and I really like the leek and sun-dried tomato combination. Then, for dessert we had a Chocolate Cake with peanut butter cups and chocolate icing. Since I am trying to cut out gluten from my diet to see if some of the problems I am having are linked to gluten intolerance, he made it from rice flour for me. It was a little gritty and crumbly, but with all of the chocolate and peanut butter we hardly noticed. I hope everyone else had a great V-Day!

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