Thursday, June 28, 2007

Put the lime in the coconut

There's nothing that is more summery than a bunch of fresh vegetables tossed together into some wonderful salad-like concoction. When I came home and found a big bowl of fresh picked cherry and plum tomatoes on the counter, I was immediately inspired.

I sliced them in half and put them in a bowl

I added sauteed red onion...
quinoa, chopped artichoke hearts, chopped fresh basil, and...
freshly picked figs from down the street. Mmmm..

I tossed it all together with a dressing of- dijon mustard, basil jelly, red wine vinegar, olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. This wonderful combination made my taste buds have a veganasm.

I love summer and all of it's glorious vegetable goodness. I also quite like the fact that sno cones are vegan and the perfect summer treat. Coconut lime is my new special flavor.

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